Artistic Dream Day

On Saturday, March 23 the Artistic Dream Day is happening at Rancho do Rogil. This day will be dedicated to the dreams and vocation of our teenagers. Living according to your artistic expression and creativity is what we are focusing on. In small groups we will invite exploration and empowerment. We offer a diverse program […]

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Danza Duende Experimental

‘In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few’. What is Beginner’s Mind? Originating from Japanese Zen Buddhism, the term ‘Beginner’s Mind‘ (or ‘shoshin’) refers to a paradox: the more you know about a topic, the more likely you are to close your mind to further learning. With a

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Oriental Dance Class

Learning how to dance Raqs Sharqi, or Oriental Dance, commonly known in the West as “Belly Dance” is a great way to connect to your body, strengthen your muscles and build your confidence. This distinct form of dance is one of the oldest known styles with a rich cultural history and many mental and physical

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Oriental Dance Workshop

The ancient art form and dance practice of Raqs Sharqi, or Oriental Dance, commonly known in the West as “Belly Dance”, is a powerful tool for today’s woman to get back in touch with a more feminine, sensual, graceful and joyful part, to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Following the natural alignment of

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ECSTATIKOS JAM Where Ecstatic Dance, Connection and Contact Improvisation meet! Come and dance in this Playground/Laboratory! Do you feel a longing for dancing and party on really nice music? Or do you feel sometimes on a dancefloor that you hold yourself back to connect with others, because you don’t feel 100% safe about bounderies and

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✨CREATIVE DANCE WORKSHOP✨ Dance & Embody your Spontaneity and Creativity! And release your emotional stress! In this workshop, we will move through a series of exercises designed to activate the right and left brain simultaneously. This process, can unexpectedly unleash creative powers that you don’t even know exist within you… Here are some exemples of


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