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Benjis is an independent community, aligned with cosmic principles, working collectively to ensure a global supply of hybrid and GMO-free seeds and to uphold organic farming. We support self-sufficient gardeners, families, animals, and the preservation of nature.

Our mission extends beyond preserving the diversity of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. At the core of our activities lies the free dissemination of information and resources. These offerings aim to provide alternative life perspectives, to help individuals rise above conflicts, and to enable them to experience the intrinsic joy and richness of life.

Our ideal is to foster the spiritual development of individuals within a physical community. Compassion, kindness, caring, non-violence, and generosity are the pillars that support our harmonious existence within the universe.

We exclusively offer ancient to old, propagable, traditional, and historical heirloom seeds—ideal for self-sufficiency, reminiscent of the seeds from our great-grandmothers’ era.

Through the provision and sale of seeds, we support numerous small-scale private seed growers and conservation networks worldwide. Additionally, we collaborate with an array of partners both domestically and internationally.

After 30 years of development, Benji established the Benjis community in 2020 to explore and share the cosmic aspects of life.

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