Desert Greening – Bioenergetic Weather Work

Spherical Harmoniser

Desert Greening started as a model project of bioenergetic atmospheric healing and activation of weather, soil, water and plants in the Sahara in 2004. With the help of methods by Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger, it was shown that the combined use of bioenergetic methods to revitalise the atmosphere, soil, water and plants can achieve almost unbelievable results:

Thousands of trees were planted – from apple and olive trees to Khorasan wheat to moringa and increased truffles, a microclimate was created and animals found a new home. The desert was revitalised and in a few years, this desert on the northern edge of the Sahara was transformed into fertile land.

Based on the research results, products like the spherical harmoniser were developed and are now actively produced and distributed. Find a lot of information, videos and insights on their website:

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