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How To List Your Events

Just three easy steps and you are ready to go:

Registering your account is free and easy. We made nice step-by-step documentation of the whole process from registering a new account to posting your first event. You will find it here.

There is currently no limit to how many events you are allowed to post. Currently, we are still approving every event before it goes live on the calendar, but we will change this maybe later.

Although this step is optional, please keep in mind that this site is maintained by a single person. It is a tool for you to advertise your events, and it will make the cultural landscape of the Algarve more transparent for the people living here, but also for the tourists visiting. Please help to keep this ambitious project alive and donate what you can afford.

That’s it. Easy enough, right? If you find things we should improve, please send an email and let us know.

Claiming A Venue / Location

As a venue owner, adding your venue to the database is a nice thing, as you can include your address,  your contact data, a description of what you are offering, a link to your website and so on. If someone else already entered your location, you can claim ownership to be able to edit your data. In such cases, simply send us an email, and we’ll transfer the record to your account.

This basic listing of your venue or location will always be free. But when you want to stand out a little more, and add your logo and some pictures of your venue to the venue page, please donate at least €60/year or €5/month which will help us to maintain this website and keep it free. Please ensure to select monthly or yearly donations, and not the “one time” option. This simplifies administration for us.

T.M. Stevens - Photo: Marc Mennigmann
T.M. Stevens – Photo: Marc Mennigmann

The Benefits of Being a Donor

Here is an example of a standard listing alongside a listing supported by a donor.

As a donor, you’ll enjoy enhanced visibility on your location page. This includes the addition of your logo, select photos, and a concise description of your services or products. While this page isn’t meant to replace a comprehensive website, it serves as a valuable resource for visitors seeking up-to-date information about your venue and upcoming events.

Pro tip: After we have received a donation from you, we can send you a PDF with a nice QR-code poster you can print and hang on your door or window. The QR-code links to your personal venue page here on and enables your guests to stay informed about your upcoming events! Here is a sample:

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