CCAM – Creative Circle Of Algarve Musicians

CCAM - Creative Circle of Algarve Musicians

The Creative Circle of Algarve Musicians (CCAM) is an initiative created by ASV “Algarve Sound and Vision” with the goal of promoting and developing the musical culture of the Algarve region in Portugal. The CCAM brings together musicians, singers, composers, producers, and other professionals in the music industry, providing them with opportunities for collaboration and networking.
On the first Sunday of a month, the CCAM members meet at the ASV Studio “Area 432” in Odiaxere close to Lagos. Upcoming meetings can be found here.

Meeting organisation, discussion and networking are mostly done in a Telegram group.

One of the main goals of the CCAM is to support emerging musicians and help them develop their careers. The organization also aims to raise public awareness of the musical talent in the Algarve region and promote the local music industry. The CCAM is an important resource for the musical community in the Algarve region, providing a space for collaboration, education, and promotion of local talent.

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