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We are all one. We are dependent on each other. It is more than natural to unite in networks and help each other. AlgarvEvents is born with the idea, to bring people together, making them stronger, and to help event organisers, musicians and creatives to be heard, and to survive these times of bad politics, inflation and mismanagement. Let’s stand united against globalist agendas and be strong with our networks.
Sharing, exchanging and helping are much stronger than money and political power can ever be.
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Benji’s is independent and nature-oriented and works non-profit in the interests of all people in networks to preserve our dietary diversity, regenerate the body and promote the mind.

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CCAM - Creative Circle of Algarve Musicians

CCAM – Creative Circle Of Algarve Musicians

CCAM aims to raise public awareness of musical talent in the Algarve region and promote the local music industry. The CCAM organises monthly meetings and a Telegram group for networking.

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Desert Greening – Bioenergetic weather work

Desert Greening is researching and practising bioenergetic weather work, and activation of soil, water and plants. They build and distribute spherical harmonisers in several sizes.

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