The Salema Blue Festival is online!

The Salema Blue Music & Art Festival is a project initiated by BBN Blue Blues Note Studio Salema, with the aim of bringing joy, kindness, and the preservation of music and art to the world. The festival intends to keep the spirit of such events alive among both the elderly and the new generations, serving as a platform for cultural messages in the tourist destination of Salema.

The vision and mission of the festival are to become the festival of choice for artists and patrons, providing a unique and memorable experience for all participants. The festival seeks to elevate music, art, and culture in Salema, a small town located in the southwestern part of Europe. Through the festival experience, they aim to raise consciousness, generate joy, and create a sustainable environment for future generations.

The festival, held at the Salema Ecocamp over three days in June (9th-11th), has a significant cultural and economic impact on Salema Bay, which lies between Lagos and Sagres in the Algarve region. Local businesses, including restaurants, accommodations, activity providers, and transportation operators, benefit directly from the festival, and the flow-on effects are substantial for the overall business infrastructure in the area.

See the schedule for June 9th

See the schedule for June 10th

See the schedule for June 11th

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