Progress! Stickers are coming…

I’m excited to share that thanks to the support of people using the AlgarvEvents page to announce their businesses, I was able to secure funding of EUR 150 towards ordering stickers for the website! Additionally, I added EUR 100 from my own money to make it happen. The stickers were ordered yesterday, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with those who have contributed to making AlgarvEvents a success.

As a reminder, this website is provided on a donation basis. While I would like to offer this service for free, the cost of hosting and software needed to maintain the quality and service of the website amounts to approximately €600/year. Any donations towards this would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that this service will be dependent on donations, and I will not be offering paid advertisements on the website. I believe in keeping the website community-driven and free from commercial influence.

All the best, love & peace,

Sticker Preview
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